Asia Care Economy Activity

The Feed the Future Market Systems and Partnerships Activity (MSP) is pleased to invite for-profit businesses in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Nepal, Philippines, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and the Kyrgyz Republic to submit an application for co-investment through its Asia Care Economy (ACE) activity.

These investment partnerships will support care economy initiatives within sectors that provide the greatest economic opportunity, whether directly or indirectly, to women. These sectors can include, but are not limited to: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Tourism, Technology, and Logistics and Transportation.

Through the Asia Care Economy activity (ACE), MSP seeks to channel business resources, expertise, technology, and influence to contribute to one or more of the following objectives:

1. Testing, amplifying, or scaling new and innovative technologies that reduce the burden of care through outreach and behavior change or support services;

2. Enhancing the ability of older adults and people with disabilities to move and operate independently;

3. Expanding and improving the quality of paid-care services;

4. Expanding equitable access to affordable, quality, on-site childcare services;

5. Balancing care-providing responsibilities between men and women; and

6. Developing the capacity of workplaces/companies to provide and deliver care services.

To apply, please register on this platform. Then download the Request for Application (RFA) document, review the award and eligibility information, and follow the application instructions.

Applications due by: November 11, 2022 12:00PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5)
Applicant's conference (virtual): October 11, 2022 8:00AM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4). Please register via the WebEx link in the RFA
Questions regarding this opportunity are accepted on a rolling basis through November 2, 2022. Questions must be submitted submitted to before 12:00PM Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) on November 2, 2022
Answers will be posted weekly, every Tuesday through November 8, 2022.
Partners are selected through an open and competitive process.