Cambodia Agricultural Investment Activity

MSP is offering opportunities for co-investment with private sector actors in Cambodia to improve:

1. Cold chain (temperature-controlled supply chain);
2. Agricultural storage capacity (warehouses, deposits, or holdings of farm products); and
3. Logistics (connectivity between production and consumption centers, over space and time, with minimal loss in quality and quantity) in the agriculture sector.

The objective of these activities is to advance the country’s economic competitiveness and inclusiveness by expanding market access for Cambodian agricultural products, improving infrastructure and logistics, enhancing agricultural services, and promoting private sector engagement and investment across the agriculture value chain.

DAI will use a two-stage review and selection process that begins with registering on this platform and submitting a concept paper. Only shortlisted applicants will be sent a Request for Application (RFA) to initiate Stage 2 of the selection process, the full application development and submission. Submitted full applications will undergo a second round of reviews resulting in final award selection.

Questions regarding this opportunity are due 8:00 pm ICT March 15, 2021.
Answers will be posted by 8:00pm ICT March 18, 2021 along with the Webex recording of the virtual applicant conference.

Partners are selected through an open and competitive process