MSP SI-SCALE Partnership Facility

The MSP SI-SCALE Partnerships Facility seeks to channel firm resources, expertise, technology, and influence to contribute towards one or more of the following objectives:

● Solomon Islands’ economic competitiveness and social inclusiveness through development of the agriculture sector, in particular the cocoa, coconut, and kava sub-sectors;

● Processing and value addition opportunities in the agriculture sector, which bring additional income to smallholder farming households and expanded opportunities to farmer groups; and,

● Trade relationships with regional and international end markets to foster and sustain increased production and trade from Solomon Islands.

The Solomon Islands – Strengthening Competitiveness, Agriculture, Livelihoods and Environment (SI-SCALE) Program is a comprehensive five-year project to advance economic competitiveness and inclusiveness with specific emphasis on the development of the agribusiness sector and improved management of the forestry sector.

Under the SI-SCALE mandate to promote the expansion and development of the agribusiness sector, MSP seeks to identify and co-invest with private firms (for-profit agribusinesses including processors or cooperatives, financial institutions, or trade associations) in new concepts or business expansions working in or sourcing from Malaita Province, Solomon Islands.

To apply, please register on this platform. Then download the Request for Application (RFA) document, review the award and eligibility information, and follow the application instructions.

Applications due by: January 14, 2022 8:00PM GMT+11
Applicant's conference (virtual): November 9, 2021 9:00AM GMT+11
Questions regarding this opportunity are accepted on a rolling basis beginning October 27-January 7, 2022. Questions must be submitted before 8:00 PM GMT+11 January 7, 2022
Answers will be posted every Tuesday between November 16, 2021 and January 11, 2022.
Partners are selected through an open and competitive process.